Resource Your To Do List

Turn Your Sticky Notes And To-do List Into Complete!

There are many Apps and Software that provides different methods for you to perform and track your daily tasks. However, hiring someone to help you get them done will save you time, make your day more productive and less stressful.

Regardless if you hire help or not, “Getting Things Done” requires a few steps that we all need to take, in order to accomplish them.

I start by pouring my favorite drink and take a grateful deep breath in-between sips. A greateful heart helps eliminate anxiety and keep you focused.

I take a notebook and pen and write down everything that comes to mind including my daily or weekly routine tasks (laundry, mail, phone calls, people, shopping, etc.) Also I write a list of everything I need to do and then a list for projects that I want to do. 

Then I take each item and list them with numbers. Next to it I write the steps I need to take to get this task done. Example:

Do I need to gather information?

Do I need to call or make an appointment with someone? 

Then, I take my calendar and schedule a time to when the steps will be done.

On a sticky note I write a general intent for that day and stick it on my phone so that it blocks my view which is a constant reminder to keep going while on a call or checking emails.

If I need help, I book a friend or a Professional to assist me. 

I found that if I do this with just one item once a day. I can get at least 5 items started and maybe even complete them within a week.

If you need help getting things done, I’ll be glad to assist you.

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