About Me

I’m Graciele Santos. Those who know me well, will define me as Grace of all trades because I’m always exploring and learning new things in different areas including Childcare, Home & Office Organizing and Crafts. 

I’m originally from Brazil and I speak fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish.  the youngest of 9 kids, I grew up with lots of Nephews and Nieces who I got to babysit from time to time since I was very young.

As a teen I moved to the U.S. from Brazil to learn English and help my father who was a Gemologist and owned a Lapidary in L.A. and in Brazil. He created beautiful pieces from precious stones and sold to individuals and Jewelers all over the world.

As much as I loved my Dad I decided to follow my dream and work with kids because that was my true passion 


I am a proud parent of a 26 years old who is a well adjusted college graduate and professional. 


Multi-tasking between children, pets, errands, household chores, etc. have always been part of my Nanny jobs. At times my role would integrate into Administrative and or Personal Assistance responsibilities creating record management systems, cataloging documents, filling, clearing clutter, mananging paper flow, setting up appointments and so on.

I’m glad I was able to stay in touch with some of the families and watch the kids grow-up over the years. Some are now in their teen and others adults with their own business and living life to the fullest. 

I love to organize! While some people get stressed by a mess, I get excited and look at it as a cool challenge. Sorting, categorizing and finding the perfect place for things is easy for me.