Resource – Keep Your Photos Safe

Keep your photos safe

Do you keep your photos on your phone or computer? Most people do. Some delay or never do a photo back up .

Most people find it easier to just keep all their photos on the cloud backup so that it’s kept safe automatically.

This method is great but they don’t allow you to keep the memorabilia that goes with each of those precious moments. ( a little card, neckless and so on).

There are many methods of preserving our photos besides digital including digital and hard copy Photo Books, Journals, Scrapbooking and more.

Sorting, categorizing and cataloging our photos is a time consuming task but if we don’t make time to do it, we take the risk of loosing every picture we have.

It doesn’t matter how we choose to back up our photos as long as we do it on a regular basis. Schedule a weekly or monthly habit time to save your photos to a backup drive, the cloud or whatever system you use.

If you love to have your photos there are many places that will print them for you and that also create photobooks as well.

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