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Don't know what to do with your cardboard boxes?

There are many ways to get rid of cardboard boxes without throwing them in the trash. You can donate them or better yet, re-use them.

 There are lots of people who needs them and locations that will accept them. 

Search online or post on social media and you will be suprised with what you find out. 

Either you choose to keep them or not, do not store cardboard boxes in your garage as they tend to attract critters. 

If you need to keep any type of cardboard store them in plastic containers to keep the critters out. 

I learned that the hard way by an experience of having those critters get into my cardgoard boxes and then into my car in my garage. It cost me a lot of money to fix my car water hose and then they came bag again. 

Need Ideas on
how to re-use Cardboard boxes,
food storage boxes, paper grocery bags or other types of paper?

Social Media offers tons of resources on how to Re-use boxes and papers of all Forms 

I use them to teach kids on how to re-use those items to create cards, envelopes, door hangers, gift bags and gift boxes that they can give to their Relatives, Friends, Teachers and so on.

Kids as young as 2 can make these things with your help. They love to spend time doing it as well. They learn to Count, identify Colors and just be creative. 


here are some I made

Create Door Hangers

Decorate Binders

Thank You designs for small gift bags/boxes.

Using a Die Cut Machine or Electronic Cutter To create

1. Begin by cleaning the material if using a cardboard box or grocery bag before you use it so that the adhesive you will use adhere to it properly.

2. Cut the box or bag into smaller pieces and separate them into sections based on how you plan to use them.

3. Be careful to only use dies that cuts the type of material you are cutting andthat the cutting pads fit well in the die cutting machine before you run it through. Do not use force or too much pressure. Otherwise, your die and machine might get damaged. 

For more information contact me at:


Phone: 310-913-5324

For more information contact me at:


Phone: 310-913-5324