We all know that being organized is essential in order to be productive and to keep our home and office neat and tidy. It’s specially crucial when we are multi-tasking between work, kids, pets, household chores, personal care and everything else that is part of our daily life.

I have a passion for organizing and I enjoy helping people become and stay organized.

If you have been putting off getting organized don’t wait another year. This is the time to do it. You can start with just one area and slowly move to the next until you are done. 

If you need help I can provide you with affordable consulting, coaching and hands-on assistance that can be personalized and tailored to your needs.


Kids love to hide inside closets so I like to make sure every closet is safe and free from clutter and dangerous objects that might end up on top of their head. If you need help getting your closet neat and clean I can help. Want to donate items you no longer use? I can help with that as well.


A clean and organized garage helps to keep the bugs out and the kids safe. It’s important to make sure to check strollers, toys, bikes, cars, etc. for dirt and bugs before letting the kids ride them. I was advised to avoid keeping cardboard boxes as storage because they make the perfect home for rodents and other creatures.

Regardless of how your garage is at the moment I can help you keep it neat and clean so that you can find your items easier and use the clear space to for your kids to safely play. I think it’s the perfect place to let kids paint and make things like playdough as it can be very messy. 


Toys are usually everywhere around the house (playroom, den, kitchen, their bedroom, etc.). There are many ways to store them but I reccomend keeping just a few toys out in each area and store the rest in the garage or a closet out of the kids’s reach (if you have the space) and then rotatate them every 2-3 weeks. When it starts to get chaotic it’s time to go through them and take the opportunity to clean them and find the missing peices. I can help you with that on a regular basis. 


Paper is part of life and they’ll continue to take space on our desks or cloud. It’s important to make sure that we keep a good record keeping system for all our papers to make sure that our vital personal, household and business documents and information are safe. There are many ways to accomplish that and I can help you set up a system that is easy to keep up.


There are so many options to store our Memories but most end-up staying on our phones, the cloud or a back-up storage system. Creating Memory books is a great way to get those pictures into story telling albums and to provide an opportunity for the kids to practice their artistic and creative skills.  A monthly page building is the ideal way to record their life events on a regular basis. Looking back years from now and sharing the books created with others will be the most fun. As a scrapbooking lover I can help with that.

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