Personal/Admin. Assisting


Most of the things on your To-Do List doesn’t require an Administrative Assistant or a Personal Assistant to get them done. They can be delegated to anyone who is willing to help like a Family Assistant and I’m here to help with them including:

Personal To do:

  • Take the car to get washed/gas, maintenance, etc.
  • Make phone calls, set up appointments.
  • Assist with small dinner parties and events. 
  • Help take care of guests ( drive them to appointments, errands, etc.
  • Handle incoming mail 
  • Run Errands (Postal Services, Dry Cleaning, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous tasks
  • Anything else you need.

Administrative To Do:

  • Schedule Appointments.
  • Handle incoming mail and other correspondente.
  • Paper Flow Management and Records Keeping Systems.
  • Keep track of Warranties, policy due dates, etc.
  • Errands (Postal Services, Shopping for supplies, etc.)
  • Assist with Basic Word, Excel and Power Point document creation and other clerical tasks.

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Phone: 310-913-5423