Household Chores/Management

Household chores/Management

Everyone has their own unique way on how they keep their home but regardless of each individual style, there are some chores that we all have to do regardless  if we have time for them or not and they are including dishes, making beds, vacum the floors, laundry, etc. 


Help keep your home neat and clean

Purchase household needs (groceries, cleaning/laundry supplies, etc.)

Oversee Gardners, Pool Care, Pest Control , minor repairs and other Vendors

Set-up a Home Maintenance schedule that includes everything from indoor and outdoor keeping.

Design a Personalized Daily, Weekly and Monthly Light and Deep Cleaning Schedules.

Bring in the Mail and sort and file according to your need.

Create a household information system that includes a household calendar, emergency contacts, procedures, and other vital information related to your home.

Design an Emergency Preparedness/Kit and action plan family members and or household staff.

Whatever else you need to make sure your home runs smoothly


Before your guests arrive take a walk through to assure every indoor and outdoor area of your home is clean and neat.

If your Guests are staying overnight, make sure their room and bathrooms have everything they will need including clean sheets, toilet tissues, clean towels, hand and shower soap, etc. Also, Include a laundry hamper as well.

Let your household staff know ahead of time if they are required to take care of your Guest and the Guestroom/Bathroom during their stay to make sure your staff can plan their daily to-do list accordingly. 

Check to make sure there are fresh fruits and other foods and drinks your Guest like including the type of coffee, milk, etc. If you don’t know ask before they arrive. Also, find out if they are allergic to anything. Let your staff know.

The goal is to make they feel at home and at ease while visiting.

If wish to get some fresh flowers and place them in the guest room and or around the house I can help with that as well.


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