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Grace has an incredible work ethic and a giant heart. She is conscientious and caring when it comes to our well-being and is aligned with our goal of creating a stress-free environment in our home by going beyond her responsibilities.

She is able to step in and do whatever is needed in the moment. She makes sure our home is always safe and tidy and points out whatever is needed. If she can’t do it she’ll help find someone who can and will follow-up with it until it’s complete. She is dependable and very flexible, switching her life schedule to accommodate our busy household and childcare needs whenever we need her to be here.

Marlyse Scherr

Children’s Ages: 14 Months and later a Newborn (Now 2 and 4) 

I had to return to full-time work and needed to find someone I would be comfortable with becoming a part of our family and spending many hours per day with my daughter. After interviewing several nannies (both through agencies and some we found on our own), Grace was the right pick for us.

Grace is an exceptional nanny. She is very nurturing and never bores of playing with and engaging with my children. She finds the “right fit” for each child and nurtures that. 

Both of my children light up when Grace comes. They are not upset if Mommy and Daddy go out on Saturday night even though we both work full-time. They are happy to be able to spend an evening with Grace.

Deb Post

Children’s Ages: 4 Months and later a Newborn (Now teenagers)

Grace is very caring, responsible, and trustworthy. She has made good relationships with all of our neighbors and their kids. Our neighborhood kids would also look forward to seeing Grace, because they, too, knew Grace would always bring the fun!

Grace has been such an amazing caretaker and teacher to my son, as well as an exceptional Household Manager.

Stephanie Lee

Child’s Age: 14 Months ( Now older)

Grace is the most experienced, knowledgeable, responsible, organized, and caring nanny you will find. I interviewed about a dozen nannies when our daughter was born in San Francisco, and repeated the process when we moved to LA a year later. I have managed small and large teams in my corporate job, and have lots of experience in hiring and assessing performance. We were very fortunate to find Grace and she has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Tatjana Mitchell

Child’s Age: 14 Months old ( Now older)

I found Grace to be polite, committed and incredibly creative. She took her work seriously, which was appreciated. As the owner of a small business, it was helpful on many occasions to have Grace step in, when needed, without hesitation.   Her ability and flexibility were often a tremendous value.

Whomever considers bringing Grace into their lives will find her to be an amazing and warm addition to their everyday life.

Stacey Brenner

Children’s Ages: 4 years old, 2 years old and a Newborn

 I am a professional television writer and my wife is a professional actress. Our respective schedules are often unpredictable and occasionally very busy. We hired Grace to be a nanny for our two children and a personal assistant for the family.

We made it very clear that one of the most important qualifications for this job (secondary only to treating our children well) was flexible availability. My wife and I are often called away to work or to auditions with little warning and we needed someone reliable to cover for us in those instances. Grace was always able to fulfill her duties for us during this time and we were very happy with her performance.

Shawn Ryan

Children’s Ages: 7 years old and a 5 years old 

I hired Grace Santos as my a temporary nanny for my infant son and admired her work with him tremendously. She is organized, thorough and very creative. I recommend her highly.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Children’s Ages: 7 years old and a 3 Months old.

Look no further, you have found your Nanny. Grace Santos worked for us for 2 years.  Go ahead put up your Hidden cameras and Grace would be glad that your did. Grace has a lot to offer and keeps up to date with the latest in Child Development, Nutritions, etc. My sons grew to enjoy her and respect her. She would spend the night with them, travel with them and keep them busy playing. 

Kristina Wagner

Children’s Ages: 4 years old and later a Newborn

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